Laser hair removal

Nuestra clínica cuenta con la más avanzada tecnología en depilación láser con el nuevo equipo Elase Motif, que combina la radiofrecuencia bipolar y un láser diodo  para lograr un eficaz sistema de depilación permanente junto con un láser diodo de forma sinergica. Su nueva funcionalidad Inmotion logra un tratamiento más rápido, seguro y apto para todo tipo de piel.

Laser depilation acts through selective photothermolisis. This means that a pigmented structure, in this case the hair's pigment (melanin) can be selectively destroyed by laser light. In order that depilation procedure can be more effective, laser must have an adequate wavelength to reach the deepest portion of the follicle. Also, it must have an optimal pulse duration for the thermal effect can be localized exclusively in the pilous follicle. Our laser depilation equipment are used for the elimination of all types of hair, regardless of its color or the patient's skin tone.

The patient must shave the treating area and leave the hair with a 2 mm length in order to attend its laser depilation session.

According to the area to be treated, the number of sessions vary. Legs, for example, require from three to five. Bikini needs from five to seven, armpits from seven to nine, and face from ten to twelve.

Laser depilation is not recommended for patients who experience pregnancy or lactation, who currently have strong tan, sun burns, artificial tanning, patients who have diabetes or who have scars and infection in the treated area.


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