Futura Pro

Futura Pro is a biostimulation system that boosts vital process like metabolism, which strengthens process of weight loss, cellular regeneration and improvement of muscular tone, among other effects. This is a safe process with enjoyable effects that imitates the waves emitted by our brains and, also, segregates endorphines through the session, which contributes to a sensation of well-being.

This is an effective and safe treatment for every skin type and color. There has been no reports of adverse effects, either short- or long-term.


Futura Pro helps in multiple treatments of toning, weight loss, cellulitis, skin and muscle reaffirmation, face and body antiaging, postpartum, etc. It's efficient and useful for men and women of all ages.

Reaffirming treatments tense, elevate, reaffirm and give back the natural shape to all the affected zones, giving the necessary elasticity to the skin and the tissue of breasts, inner part of arms, abs, buttocks, thighs, legs, and back

Most patients find this treatment comfortable, like a massage in the skin made with deep heat. This treatment is designed to achieve tolerable levels of sensibility and comfort.

A gradual and progressive improvement can be observed from the first treatment, since there's an immediate improve of muscular tone and there's a reduction from three to four centimeters. The results in the reduction of muscles are achieved through a ten-session treatment plan.


It reduces centimeters quickly and effectively, besides the muscular toning achieved through the sessions.


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