In the first decades of life, the pattern of beauty is defined in the middle third of face by round cheeks with defined cheekbones and good support for skin structures; while the final third is defined by an oval with angled contours. As time passes, certain features appear: undereye circles and palpebral bags, wrinkles and expression lines being in movement or quiet, a flattening of cheeks, descending fat and losing the oval contour.

The volumetry, volume reposición or 3D rejuvenation is the application of Juvederm Voluma injected in the middle third of the face so it can recover the loss of volume and allow a reposition of tissue. It’s a simple process with local anesthetics, without the need of sick leave.

Juvederm Voluma requires a single session for the patient to observe excellent results. After the procedure is finished, a redefinition of contours and refilling of cheeks can be perceived, which achieves an improvement of general appearance and gives the face an air of freshness through facial rejuvenation.


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